Nikolay Panayotov

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria on 9th February, 1956.
Lives and works in Paris, France and in Sofia and Stokite, Bulgaria


1983 Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Mural Arts Departement

Mural Art Works

1980 Mural painting, cazein tempera, 45 sq.m, interior in public culture house, Sevlievo, Bulgaria
1983 Mosaic in stones, 100 sq.m , facade of public building, Dobrich, Bulgaria
1985 Mosaic in stones, 35 sq.m, relief, interior end exterior in public building, Smolsko, Bulgaria
1986 Mural painting, 120 sq.m, acrylics on wall, interior in public building, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
1986 Mural painting, “Nativity”, 35 sq.m, acrylics on wall, Monastery of Geras, Austria
1986 Mural painting, 18 sq.m, acrylics on wall, private reception lounge, Vienna, Austria
1987/88 Mosaic in stones, 200 sq.m, interior in the theatre inSevlievo, Bulgaria
1989 Tapestry in wool and silk, theatre curtain, 90 sq.m,Sevlievo, Bulgaria
1992 Six mural paintings for private collection, Paris
1989 The National price for mural art, Bulgaria, for the mosaics in the Theatre in Sevlievo


Solo exhibitions

1982 The House of Wittgenstein, Vienna, Austria
1985 357 Gallery, Sofia
1989 Shipka Gallery, Sofia
1990 Shipka Gallery, Sofia
1991 Gallery Jan Six, Paris
1992 Gallery Richard Treger, Paris
1992 Gallery88, Luxembourg
1992 Gallery Atarai- Sheraton Hotel, Sofia
1993 Gallery Richard Treger, Paris
1993 Provincemuseum, Leuven, Belgium
1994 Gallery Gabrielle Flegans, Monaco
1994 Gallery Richard Treger, Paris
1994 Municipal Art Gallery, Sofia
1995 Gallery Rolf Ruckert, Paris
1995 Diderot Publisher, New York
1996 Gallery Rolf Ruckert, Paris
1997 Gallery Escalle, Bruxelles
1997 Gallery88, Luxembourg
1998 Gallery Rolf Ruckert, Paris
1998 France Telecom, New York
1999 ATA- Contemporary art centre, Sofia
1999 Gallery88, Luxembourg
2000 Institut français, Sofia
2000 Gallery Rayko Alexiev, Sofia
2001 Gallery Pierre Michel D, Paris
2002 Gallery Escalle, Bruxelles
2002 Hilton Hotel, Sofia
2002 Commerzbank, Leipzig, Germany
2003 Gallery88, Luxembourg
2003 Gallery Irida, Sofia
2004 BNP-Paribas, Champs-Elysées, Paris
2004 Citibank, Sofia
2004 Ceramics art school, Troyan, Bulgaria
2004 National gallery- Sofia
2006 Gallery Irida, Sofia
2006 Gallery Vidima, Sevlievo
2006 Gallery Krug, Kurdjali, Bulgaria
2006 Espace Culturel Bulgare, Paris
2007 Intitut français, Sofia
2007 Gallery Greencat, Sofia
2007 Gallery Irida, Sofia
2007 Appolonia, Sozopol, Bulgaria
2008 White School, Stokite, Bulgaria
2009 Gallery “The mission”, Ministry of foreign affairs, Sofia
2010 National Gallery for foreign art, Sofia
2011 Bulgarian Embassy, Washington, USA
2011 Gallery Uzina, Sofia
2011 Bulgarian cultural institute, Paris
2011 Gallery AB, Sofia
2014 M.Art Gallery, Basel, Swiss
2014 Gallery Arte Viva, Paris
2014 Gallery Industrialna, Sofia
2015 Gallery Nuance, Sofia
2016 Catenary art gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA
2015 Vidima gallery, Sevlievo, Bulgaria
2016 City gallery, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria


Credit Swiss in Luxembourg owns 35 of Nikolay Panayotov’s paintings. His works take part in the collections of ING Bank Sofia, Commerzbank Leipzig, BNP-Paribas Paris, UBS London, Societe Generale Luxembourg, Hotel Hilton Sofia, National Gallery Sofia, etc.